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Smart Keeper HDMI Port Lock


The Smart Keeper HDMI Port Lock, teamed with a least one?Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional, enables you to secure your open HDMI ports and provide access only through authorized personnel.

  • The Smart Keeper HDMI Port Lock effectively locks any unused HDMI ports on your device.
  • The Smart Keeper HDMI Port Lock is ideal for lobbies, conference rooms, and any other place in your business where audio/visual devices are acting as peripherals to your network.
  • Note: This product requires one Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional.
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Smart Keeper HDMI Port Lock

Deceptively simple, yet brilliantly straightforward, the Smart Keeper HDMI Port Lock secures ports that are almost certainly exposed whenever you incorporate an audio or video device in your design for a public space. High-Definition Multi-Media Interface (HDMI) ports are thoughtfully included in many, if not most, a/v equipment designs, to give flexibility to their applications. An HDMI out-port enables your device to transmit both audio and video signals from a laptop or receiver to a TV screen without a tangle of cables. Often more than one such port is provided, so when you stream an informative video in a lobby or waiting room, or when you present a cross-promoting video in a conference center hallway, for example, you are very likely offering an unprotected HDMI port to the public. Even such a normal measure as providing open a/v equipment in a conference room represents a potential for disrupting your system. What might have seemed like a harmless oversight just a short time ago, today takes on all the priority of cybersecurity, one of the hottest topics of our times.

Open Cannot be Harmless

The unfortunate truth today is that any open port is an invitation to contamination at best and sabotage at worst. A device plugged into an open HDMI port can carry with it any form of virus or malware that the Internet contains. And the origin point for the most impactful attacks in cybersecurity history have been through unprotected ports, rather than through cyberspace. Research and practical experience both demonstrate that this sector of the cybersecurity perimeter – most often the forgotten sector – is also the most vulnerable part of your vital data networks and information systems. As a result, as thoughtful as those HDMI ports may be, and as harmless as it might seem to leave them open, they are, in fact, a common part of the most hazardous exposure we face in cybersecurity.

The Answer at Hand

The Smart Keeper HDMI Port Lock, teamed with a least one Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional, enables you to secure those open ports and provide access only through authorized personnel. The person empowered to curate the video that is streaming in the lobby or hallway, or the person who helps guest presenters set up in the conference room, is the only person who has access to that High-Definition Multi-Media Interface. If these commonplace applications sound familiar, then the answer to the security threat they pose is just as close at hand. The Smart Keeper HDMI Port Lock is just one of the expertly collected array of options for defending the ports and connectors available to you from Smart Keeper. You can compare the capabilities of each of them here.

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