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Smart Keeper LAN Cable Grip


  • Bundle: 6 cable grips per pack
  • Purpose: Prevent accidental disconnection of LAN cables from ports.
  • Functionality: Physically secures the LAN cable firmly to the port to maintain a stable connection.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with various types of LAN cables and ports.
  • Installation: Easy to install and remove without specialized tools.
  • Benefits:
    • Reduces the risk of cable disconnection due to vibrations or movement.
    • Enhances network reliability by maintaining consistent data transmission.
    • Ideal for high-traffic or movement-prone environments where cable security is crucial.
  • Usage: Commonly used in data centers, offices, and networking environments to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Part No. CX15105


The Smart Keeper LAN Cable Grip helps secure a LAN cable to a port, preventing it from accidentally becoming disconnected.  The device is sometimes called a cable retention or cable locking device. It is designed to provide additional support and stability to the connection between a LAN cable and a port, ensuring that the cable remains securely attached even in high-traffic or movement-prone environments.  There is a physical locking mechanism that engages with the LAN cable’s connector and the port itself. By firmly securing the cable to the port, the device helps prevent accidental disconnection due to vibrations, tugs, or other external forces. This is especially important in areas where cables are frequently moved or where there is a risk of damage to the network connection.  The device is designed for easy installation and removal, allowing network technicians or users to quickly secure or release the cable as needed without requiring specialized tools.  By reducing the chances of cable disconnection, the LAN Cable Grip helps improve network reliability and stability by helping maintain consistent data transmission and minimizing downtime associated with cable disconnect.  The LAN Cable Grip serves as a practical solution to enhance the physical security and reliability of LAN cable connections, offering peace of mind for network administrators and users alike.

Additional information

Weight .16 oz
Dimensions 1.57 × .54 × .52 in

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