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Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key


The Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key prevents users from accessing USB port.

  • Fast and simple to install
  • Four unique key codes available: brown, purple, yellow, and dark blue
  • Each Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key only works with a block of the same color
  • Smart Keeper USB Port Locks are available here
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Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key

Unguarded USB data ports, which can be easily protected with a Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key, have been the point of entry for some the most damaging data and information system attacks of the digital age. Historic impact has resulted from specifically crafted attacks that came from innocent-looking thumb drives. Those attacking thumb drives were simply sprinkled in parking lots and left for people to pick up and use as they arrived at work. So simple, so un-James-Bond, and yet projects as big as the nuclear development program of Iran were disrupted and set back by years, in just this way. Well-meaning associates, and even highly-trained government agency personnel, have proven in research to be almost equally susceptible to putting an unidentified flash drive into a data port at work. One study showed that the first “seeded” flash drive was in use within minutes. Another indicated that usage of several anonymous flash drives was greater than 100% – not only were almost all the tell-tale flash drives used, but many were used more than once.

What’s the Problem?

Even if the private USB flash drive that your associate plugs in is not weaponized, it is as likely to contain as many contaminants as a borrowed handkerchief in flu season. Personal smart phones, are in most, cases even worse. Like digital Petri dishes, the mobile phones of today have been exposed to every kind of cookie and contaminant that one could find in the vast ocean of digital and microwave communication. At a minimum, your operation should protect its USB ports systematically. A clear and simple way is with color-coded access from Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key from Smart Keeper. With Smart Keeper USB Port Locks in place, you can have as many as four distinct, color-coded levels of access to the USB ports in your data and information system. They are simple and fast to install, and they cannot be removed without a matching Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key, either yellow, brown, purple or dark blue. By installing these port locks and issuing these Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Keys according to the authorization that works for your operation, you can be sure that well-intended, careless, or even intentional damage from casual use or unsupervised access is prevented.

We Offer More Than Just Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Keys

Smart Keeper offers you thousands of devices and dozens of systems for securing the ports and connectors on your network, giving you the balance between access and security that both defends and enables your operation is our specialty. We offer you the best possible vantage point for securing your vital computer data and information systems, because the connection between computers and users has been our focus, ever since computers left their quarantine in the mainframe room, and access was dispersed to users throughout the worlds organizations and enterprises. In this age of cybersecurity concerns, our unique perspective is a resource to make sure you have on your side, an asset you should have in your hands.

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Brown, Purple, Yellow, Dark Blue


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